Saturday, May 28, 2011

my fanss please read this post :')

ho ho holyywooddd........... :D hehe ,n0wwww im in hollywood doing my best casting with edward cullen in vampire movie the series that's gonna be on malaysia's scene another 5months.s0 guyss, please be patient okkk, d0nt steal out the times, we're gonna make your cinema soon ,and thankss blood for living in my body , :') because of you im still able to connect with edward cullen,omgodness me!! im soooooooo in LOVE with him :/ umppp!!

ni muka bahagia edward lepas aku confess cintan cintun kat dya :)

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kalau keyboard berfungsi,komenla yer :) ,kalo rosak pm sy,sy bagi duit beli yang baru ,lps tu jgn lupa komen kat sini yerrr,alolololorrr mcm budak2 je,manje aww~ :D