Thursday, June 23, 2011

i dont like the changes ...

I know some readers might find my bloggie is depressing or boring or whatever, as if aku ada regular readers lah kan. (Thankyou Stalkers!) I am depressed and sad and gloomy and all of those emo-ish stuff. I'll tell you why. Just imagine you were in my shoes. You have been studying for more than six months in UiTM, you've met great friends, you've met suit course to you, you have the best life a teenager you could have, and BANG! Like so suddenly all of the great things you have are taken away from you and you cannot do anything about it.
This thing happened to me. I have to walk out of UiTM, I have to leave my friends, I have to leave my dear course and the great teenager's life Im having. Now I have to go to Kolej Kejururawatan Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah, Muar Johor. I have to venture new places, adapt to new environment, and make new friends again!yaa AGAIN!! tis has happened to me for 2nd time after the 1st one from matriculation to UiTM,Dungun,Damnnn. How I hate all of those things. I'll leave terengganu within 1week and its kinda pushing and stressing me.I have no passion and sincerity to go there.I got no friend there either my old school friend or ex-colleague.Its MUAR mann!!! it closes up to Malacca actually than JB.Mallaca again !! This will be the 1st time i'll go farr away without someone i know.Different with my previous matric,although it was in Malacca, i've been there with some people that close to me.they were my exschoolmates.Actually i had been all alone at the registration day for my dip of chemical engineering at UiTM Dungun,but it was all going well since most of them came from Terengganu and our great neighbour.Kelantan.we just needed a day to get closer to each other and there was no any problem for me to make new friends.but for tis coming renewal, i dont know how to turn their 1st perception about me.yupp! at 1st we're gonna have a different perception to each other and its kind of normal before we know he or she much closer. And for now I dont want to think anything about it yet.i just wanna wait and hope for my natural action then.sincerely,I have no any attention to go there.i feel much reluctantly and feeling empty right,all my preparation were all done preparing by my parents.they shared the tasks together.mydad did settle the registration forms and my mum for shopping part.teehee,i dont know anything about the stuffs and needs they mentioned in the offer letter.even some little things such as the marker pens were reminded by my mom to buy them.,what on earth i was thinking actually?!If i have to perform at a nearer hospital,i would not be like that,actually i was hoping that i got the same college as my best friend there in perak but as she said it is not our fate,and lastly my choice did go for HUSM kubang kerian but how on earth,my choices were all out of drugs.that has just increased my sadness.but otherwise my parents were sooo happy iv got in Muar because their instinct before were strongly said that i will be performed in Sarawak.but why not in SARAWAK?! its ok i think,im reallly goinggg to treat my self-sufficient sure more than enough.huhu.oh mannn! its hard for me to leave my hometown,room,this online thingy,my cat for sure,mydriving,my friends here andd myfamily,especially my ibu and abah.T__T.I cant accept the fact that I dun have what it takes to be a ***** anymore. Oh please Ibu and Abah, I just cant say goodbye yet! :(
I still not much understand about the separation in a life.why we need them??!!when we start to understand and go to each was not so reliable.

i wish we all have the phenomena to live as the cartoon characters above once in life where there will no terms of sadness,fearness,shameness,horribleness and nesss ness ness so that we would give more appreciation to something what we call a 'LIFE'


silaa click kat 2buah tajuk lagu tuh,smgat jep bile korang warga UiTM dgr! seriously* mase oriented nyanyi lagu ni dulu ramai2,mmg rase nk nanges,nk juangkan bangsa mlayu kite bumiputera.heehheee,mmg aku smgat habes nk abeskan diploma ngn cemerlang pastu smbung degree,pastu lagi skali nyanyi lagu ni depan mr.pengarah,every sems ade dialog b'sama pgarah,time tu rase nk terkeluarr habesss ape yg t'buku dalam pikiran,rase nk luahh complain abesss.HAHA! dah pgarah bg pluang nk ngadu pape2 kite amek je la pluang,skali satu sems je pon dpt tgk muka bliau! tp sape2 rase nk publisiti murahan,tampil je la kt dpan amik mike tros b;celoteh dpn bliau.fuhh!! komfem2 ko famousss musss la lps tow.....dng sorakan booooooooooo...gayaa LOSER PLAk dahh

* i just wanna improve my writing in english,so people with kindly demand,please greeting my deadly half tired prepared tis entry by commenting my grammatically error,wrong language,poor vocab n etc... :) thanks people (:

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